I am not a #Diamond

Even though diamonds are beautiful and have value, I often feel like being like a diamond is not fun. Diamonds get removed from their home cozy deep within the earth. Diamonds get chopped up and carved up. They are judged and valued only by their looks. They are used to show status and wealth. They are put on display for all to admire; but never left to just be free within nature.

If we find a diamond we plot and plan how we could use it and change it. People treat the bodies of women the same way. Always wanting to change and display certain features. Always wanting to use, exploit and profit from our most sacred parts.

Trees are usually left to grow freely. Trees are valued no matter their shape or size (or ability to bear fruit). Trees give life and breath to all. The trees support us and we love them as they are. Most of us have no desire to move them or carve them up. They are strong and resilient and most of us strive to protect them.

My new song Diamond is up on soundcloud and the work in progress video features the lovely @shaninadionna please check up what we have so far and support the journey. #diamond #loveistrending #newmusic

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