AYA youth mentorship music program

AYA (Aspiring Young Artists) is a program that helps high school students create, record and perform their own music. I've enjoyed contributing to the program in multiple ways.

As a mentor, I was able to encourage, guide, and help students to create and feel confident in their own abilities. As a Co-Director, I am able to discuss next steps for the program and help with making the bigger decisions around programming.

When COVID hit, it really changed things for our program and for all of us in general. As we all continue to cope with and adapt to the new normal; we have been thinking of ways to remain resilient as an organization.

Our program relies on crowd funding to run. Paying local artists to mentor the students, supplies, and studio time for students are just some of our expenses. As we prepare for next year, we are ready to do whatever it tales to be able to impact students' lives through music creation and mentorship.

We continue to adapt to our program's changing needs. We are presently raising funds for our program. To find out more please visit

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